Claudia Morris




I love those unexpected images, the ones that you catch from the corner of your eye and have the power to stop you in your tracks. It could be something unusual, like an orange tree in New England, or the whimsical juxtaposition of everyday things. For me, it usually involves color, like the pop of a red shirt against a muted winter backdrop or the rich purple of twilight contrasting the warm, orange glow of my living room window. Painting allows me to capture those moments, exploring and savoring the beauty that I see. Later, when I look at the paintings, I am instantly transported back to that moment in time, and to the joy I felt in painting them. Maybe one of these paintings will resonate with you too. I encourage you to linger, to look and to explore them with me. What stories do they have for you?

I work from life, both outside, en plein air, and inside in my studio. I find having this physical connection to what I am painting helps me explore and immerse myself in the painting. Each painting is a journey through line and color, light and shadow, detail and suggestion.